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Back to Opera
Photo by Panos Sakalakis / Unsplash

In an effort to lessen my dependency on BigTech, I decided to install Opera on my desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Discovering Opera Touch is what really made this possible.

All this while I only know Opera Mini – which gave me an impression that Opera is only useful to save data while on mobile devices. Opera Touch really give a new spin to mobile browser UI and it’s genuinely useful. It works so much better for single handed operation.

Synchronization function is rather clunky since it have both the My Flow function and Opera Account. But somehow it must be setup on desktop or laptop first to achieve a Google Chrome style of synchronization. It works though, just a bit convoluted to initialize.

I actually really love Google Chrome since way back when it launched 10 years ago. I remember when I started to use Mac and Google Chrome is still not available for Mac I even run it via VMware! Those were the days when Firefox started to get really cluttered and slow.

Anyway,  back to using Opera I even changed the default search to DuckDuckGo to further distance myself from Google. I have no plan to completely abandon Google, it’s just that I’m taking steps not to be caught in the algorithmic filter bubble.