Seputar Istilah Rumah Tangga

Terfikir pagi tadi tentang istilah rumah tangga. Bila rumah itu bertangga, maknanya kedudukan yang tinggi. Oleh itu, walaupun orang Melayu sekarang tidak lagi tinggal di rumah bertiang perkahwinan tetap disebut berumah tangga kerana membina institusi yang bertaraf tinggi. Boleh kata senada dengan istilah mendirikan masjid.

Europe is Dying

I don’t usually remember what being said during teh tarik sessions. It’s more recreational than serious business anyway. But one conversation from did stick out in my mind. It was with Dr. Ridhwan Fontaine, a lecturer from IIUM. He’s originally from the UK but somehow ended up here, married a local and staying here for …

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I’m not looking up any book or scholars here but I remember a friend described it as sufficiency. When you have barakah, limited resources is enough to satisfy you. If not, plentiful stuffs can’t ever satiate you. Sometimes we are tempted with high paying projects or job that our heart don’t fully at ease with. …

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Why Philanthropy Alone Can’t Fix Inequality

I think for the first time ever someone from the 1% explicitly calls out philanthropy in relation to inequality. This is an excerpt from Abigail Disney’s testimony to House Financial Services Committee. Read the full statement here. — Philanthropy is often offered as the answer to the problem of inequality. While wonderful, philanthropy is not the …

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