Convert Coins to Phone Credits

Actually it’s been years since I first noticed this machine but I only finally got to try it this week. It works as advertised and I successfully bought RM15 Celcom credits purely using coins.

At first I was afraid that it will reject coins after a certain amount and ask for bank notes. But no such thing happened and it takes all the coins with minimal rejection.

But the catch is that is took a small fee, so you do pay a bit more. To get RM10 you need to pay RM0.30. But since it’s a loose change for me, so it doesn’t matter much.

However, the credit validity is a bit weird. At first I bought RM10 and it extended the validity by 10 days. Then I bought another RM5 yet the validity period didn’t extend.

Anyway, this machine made it worthwhile for me to diligently put aside coins from my wallet. I’m thankful it exists and it feels a bit nostalgic to press on the antiquated phone booth keypad.