Fake Commercial Holidays Has Gone Overboard

Once it starts it never stops.

Fake Commercial Holidays Has Gone Overboard

Some say Mother's Day is the first 'fake' commercial holiday. What began as a simple American church service was co-opted by retailers in order to spur spending by making people buy something nice for their mothers.

Arguably, Christmas is also the same especially in non-Christian majority countries. Prime offender is Japan that goes full tilt despite not even having Christmas as public holiday.

Fast forward to Internet Era we have Amazon's prime day that is a pure celebration of commercial craze. Few years later across the ocean we have Alibaba in China peddling Singles Day on 11.11.

Asia Pacific region take the Single's Day and run with it like crazy. Shopee & Lazada now have peak low price offer on 2.2, 3.3, 4,4 and so on.

The Internet Era fake holidays are especially egregious as it's purely about the lowest price and highest. There's no attempt at all to celebrate any human or cultural connection.

In a country like Malaysia, this string of fake holidays are even more crass as we already have so many holidays to celebrate the various cultures & religions!