Indian Vegetarian Lunch @ Anjappar

Indian Vegetarian Lunch @ Anjappar
Special Vegetarian Set

I admittedly had overdosed on red meat this Syawal. Too much beef rendang and beef satay in my belly. Hence, I decided to search for Indian vegetarian food. Azwin also keen to try it out.

I heard there are nice meals to be had around Brickfields area but I don’t know anything more specific. Although all three of us are techies, none of us bothered to check out Google Maps or Foursquare. We just crossed the road from NU Sentral and walked right.

We came across Anjappar and Amin said he had dined there before. He cautioned that his tastebud might not be as refined to give recommendation. Azwin & I decided that it’s more than sufficient. So we just walked in and ordered the Special Vegetarian since we wanted to sample a wide range of their offering.

At RM18 per set, I would say the taste is at par with higher end restaurants in malls and hotels. Our belly is filled, tongues are tickled yet there’s no overwhelming aftertaste. The fried cauliflower deserved special mention for turning such a bland vegetable into an excellent dish.