Quick Roundup for Custom Email Solution

Quick Roundup for Custom Email Solution
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Digital Ocean is really sweet since it’s cheap and fast compared to shared hosting services. Especially with Marketplace that let you setup a variety of services with ease. But then you realize you don’t have email accounts for your domain.

You can easily setup forwarding to receive emails but there’s no easy solution to send as your domain without an email server.

The things is, setting up an email server is a pain.

Few years back, you can easily get 5 / 10 user Google Apps for free. Now it’s no more. Subscribing per user is way too expensive.

So what are other cost effective options? Either free or less than $5 per month.


You can get a free plan but only one domain per phone number. So not a good solution if you do lots of website for clients. Also it’s webmail access only.

Ionos.com Mail Basic

This sounds promising at $2 per month but after we paid for the first month we discovered that you’ll need to get a free* domain from them or transfer an existing domain to them. We feel duped man…


Based in Switzerland, this is our current savior. It have forever free tier and packages starts at USD4 per month. Although the interface is rather barebone it provides both webmail and IMAP/POP access. That’s very important tp because I love to manage all my email from my Gmail app.