Why 2020 Was So Disappointing

Let's admit it, 2020 sucks even without the pandemic.

Why 2020 Was So Disappointing

We grew up with this as our vision for 2020 - pure blue sky thinking. Yet, we are grounded for the year.

There's no giant solar powered airship, only old Boeing & Airbus facelifted ad nauseum. The Boeing 737 Max debacle is the epitome of the world's slow (fundamental) scientific progress and the unchecked power of high finance.

Consider yourself lucky if you still have your job, not infected, and not dying. But still, it's quite a sting for those who grew up with this dream.

It's good that it keeps humanity's hubris in check but at the same time we still need to keep the fire of advancement alive.

Our plan might not be realistic but at least it's better to have a direction rather than just wandering aimlessly.