A Glitch With TnGo Pay Direct

Reloaded RM50 but only saw RM20 in my eWallet. Where did they money go?

A Glitch With TnGo Pay Direct

I've always been in awe with how fast the TnGo Pay Direct works at toll gates. It's almost instantaneous response between detecting your card and displaying payment notification on your phone.

So I assumed the system had been working well and charged my eWallet properly all this while.  However today I reloaded RM50 to my TnGo eWallet saw only RM20++ as my balance. Where did RM30 go?

I ranged up the call center and the rep explained that one of the toll gate I've went through had not been claiming payment from TnGo since October last year. Only recently they've sent in their claim and resulted in a big cut for my reload.

To their credit, TnGo rep emailed me the whole transaction log for me to cross check. I'll have a look when I have the time to do so.

So lesson learnt is that it is not really a real time system. The system prioritize car access over payment to the toll operator. Lastly, do review your eWallet transactions from time to time.