When in the pineapple town of Pontian it’s only apt to go bananas on eating pineapple. The key is a super juicy pineapple that went full ripe on field. It melts in the mouth eating it with buttered white bread.

Despite it’s simplicity, this is something that can’t be enjoyed in the city. Pineapples sold in distant cities were harvested before it’s fully ripe. As such, the pineapples ripens artificially and didn’t reach the full juiciness. Left to ripen on the field, even the core of the pineapple is succulent. There’s no need to smash the pineapple into jam here.

Thanks to Mr. Cheah the owner of Pontian Garden Hotel for serving us Morris & Josapine pineapple while we were there.

p/s: Mr. Cheah said that Josapine stands for ‘Johor Sarawak Pineapple’.