A Reflection on KonMari

A Reflection on KonMari
I’ve sold them all

If you know anything about the KonMari method you’ll probably realize it involves a lot of throwing out stuffs. It’s hard to do, as it is against our primitive nature as hoarders. However, it is important to overcome that primal instinct in order to bring ourselves to the next level.

Unused items not only occupy physical space but also mental space. As long as I have the items for previous ventures I’m still stuck in the past instead of focusing on the present venture.

The glory days of publishing industry in Malaysia had gone for a good 5 years or so but I still had the books from back then. It made me still hang around the fringes of the industry and hoping to come back although it’s a dead end.

Now I’ve get rid of the books from back then and focus squarely into tech. It feels liberating, I can move faster than ever before. In fact, I’ve been writing more since I’m free from the pressures of making a living from it.

There’s still more stuffs that I needed to get rid of, especially those that remained unopened after I moved house. But for now, let’s leave the store unopened.