My original plan this morning was to go to IKEA Cheras but since it was closed for sanitation I had to made my way across town to IKEA Damansara. Waze brought me through the old part of KL cutting through Jalan Pudu - Masjid Jamek - Dataran Merdeka - Taman Tasik Perdana - Parlimen.

I can't recall if ever I had driven across the city that way as it's usually jam packed. However, the streets are empty except at the start of Jalan Pudu. It feels so bizarre since I haven't been in the area much since Pudu bus station had closed and it's so uncharacteristically empty.

I remember thinking my brain feels a bit hurt to see such a giant leap to what my memory holds. Maybe this is future shock, but I'm grateful to see that side of KL.