Acheh Gayo V60 vs French Press

How different brew method yield strikingly different result.

Acheh Gayo V60 vs French Press

What we have here is Acheh Gayo roasted by Nomad Barista. I've chosen the lightest roast and asked for medium ground. This is a stark departure from my usual experience with Indonesian coffee which usually are dark roasted Robusta beans. So this is my first proper experience with an Indonesian specialty coffee.

First impression - the aroma is delightful with strong fruity smell. Deep earthy notes are faint in this one.

When brewed using the V60 method, it accentuates the lighter fruity notes. It yields a very clean, naturally sweet cup. In fact it almost overwhelmingly sweet when the coffee had cooled down a bit too much.

The French press method on the other hand yields a punchier body. The fruity sweet notes are still there but the fuller body emphasized the more bitter mid notes. The cup produced are not so clean as you can see some suspended solids but it didn't give any burnt taste. It also have a much more pronounced lingering aftertaste.

Both brew are made using James Hoffman's method albeit I simplified the V60 one. It's very interesting that it yields a remarkably different end product despite coming from the same coffee ground.