Attempting to Go Deep

Attempting to Go Deep
Photo by Mohamed Ben Zineb / Unsplash

Since reading Cal Newport’s Deep Work, I tried to adopt some of the strategies to go deep. In fact, some of it started earlier as Ramadhan kicked off.

  1. Logged out of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This really cleared out my head. No political stories to spoil my mood.
  2. Thankfully Facebook made separate app for Messenger and Page Manager. So I can get my work done without going the messy front lawn of the Newsfeed.
  3. Use native app to access Basecamp & Ghost. Less distraction, focus to the task at hand.
  4. Dedicated desk and office outside of home. I’m grateful Hj. Saidy offered to use his place. No matter how distracted I am at the home office when I came here I got to clear the distraction and focus again.
  5. I do kill some time with YouTube and Netflix but the contents didn’t rile me up as Facebook’s Newsfeed. As long as there’s no local political news content shows up I’m good to go.
  6. Now I don’t turn on music when I commute to and fro the office. Train my mind to tolerate boredom. That allows to go deeper when doing work that matters.

That’s it for now, no point trying to add too much new habit as it won’t stick. One at a time and add new one as the old one had firmly rooted.