The bottle that prompted this post

I’m not looking up any book or scholars here but I remember a friend described it as sufficiency. When you have barakah, limited resources is enough to satisfy you. If not, plentiful stuffs can’t ever satiate you.

Sometimes we are tempted with high paying projects or job that our heart don’t fully at ease with. We go on doing it anyway thinking that we can save that extra money to do something good.

Most of the time, the money just disappear.

I theorize that for one we can’t cheat ourselves. At the back of our mind we know the money is not pure so we ‘self-sabotage’ to get rid of the money.

The other thing is that doing work that we don’t like is mentally and emotionally draining. That made us weak to resist the temptation to spend our money like crazy. Or to put it the other way around we pamper ourselves to make up for the trauma of the terrible work we have done.

Maybe that what happened psychologically when we don’t have barakah.