Cameron Highlands is Officially Overrated

A week after our trip to Cameron Highlands we went shopping at AEON Nilai. Then my wife said she’s pissed off and pointed at the tea aisle. Lo and behold it is cheaper than the cheapest stall in Kea Farm. Many were selling it for RM11 per box and slash it to RM10 each if you buy 3 and above.

I bought the BOH Seri Songket for RM13 at Kea Farm, it’s just RM9.50 at AEON. Rather unbelievable as it is a more premium product compared to Cameron Valley.

Also found export-grade Cameron Highlands strawberries selling for RM9 for 250g. Which is comparable to the purportedly secret strawberry shop in Tringkap.  

Since the must buy souvenirs are cheaper in the city, it is confirmed that Cameron Highlands had truly become a tourist trap. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to go there again and chill on weekdays but I definitely will not shop much.

If I need to chill on a mountain resort on weekends I’ll probably went to Fraser’s Hill next time.