Cameron Highlands + Weekend = Disaster

Cameron Highlands + Weekend = Disaster

The last time I went up to Cameron Highlands was in 2013. Six years later with 3 kids in tow the hill resort had totally transformed. Too my shock there’s already two shopping mall and another one coming up.

I spent a significant amount of my trip getting stuck in traffic jam. It was even worse than KL due to the steep incline and lack of alternative road.

Not only on the main road, the small road to Boh Plantation is also totally clogged. It even drags on to the queue to buy food.

Cameron Highland had became the victim of their own success. The opening of new roads uphill brings double the number of tourist but the town had not much space to expand. Whatever expansion they managed to do for the past six years had already turned the hill station into a grotesque concrete jungle.

I still wanted to return to Cameron Highlands, there’s some charm remain. However, I’ll be sure to avoid the weekends and school holidays.