Challenge 18 of 52: Medical Lab Result

Somehow, jaundice is a surety for newborn these days. As parents, suddenly you are facing new numbers and measurements associated with it. Concerned grandparents, family and friends will ask about the jaundice level which is actually the bilirubin level.

Yes, the medical lab result spell out the bilirubin level and the ideal range but it can be hard to fathom. The ideal range change according to the age of the baby and it can be hard for parents to understand the severity of the condition. One need to really squint and read between the lines to put the data given in perspective.

The medical lab result could use some graphical upgrade to give better perspective and understanding to the parents. It can display the result in bar graph that show the current reading in relation with the ideal range. Thus, parents can see whether they are near the ideal range or not.

As there’s multiple test done in an admission, the result should also combine the readings. This will better show the progress of the condition and give an indication when the baby can be discharged.