Cheap & Easy Way to Make Great Coffee at Home

Cheap & Easy Way to Make Great Coffee at Home

If you think using French press from IKEA is cheapskate, now I’m going to get cheaper. This time I’m using drip cup and filter paper combo from Daiso. It’s only 3USD.

Cheap but well made

The technique I described using French press before do deliver consistent result. However it just take too long and the cleaning up is such a pain. It’s hard to quickly dispose all the ground coffee clogged up in the pot and there’s simply too much stuff to contend with. I want to be able to get excellent coffee at home in a reasonable time and quickly get to work.

Using this drip it goes straight to the cup and all the waste is contained within the filter. Then I can chuck it straight to the waste bin or dump as fertilizer for the plants in the backyard.

I just wing it when using this method from whatever I remembered watching YouTube videos on drip brewing.

  1. Put the dripper and filter on. Pour 50ml of hot water just to clean it and preheat the mug.
  2. Throw the water out.
  3. Weigh 15g of ground coffee for 250ml of water.. I just use the same ratio from the French press recipe.
  4. Pour 50ml of 95 degree Celsius water. Let it drip slowly first (30 seconds or so – don’t really look at the clock). Make sure you hit all the ground coffee.
  5. Then I just went as fast as possible to pour the remaining 200ml.

The end product is a bit too hot to drink right away so you need to wait a bit. Taste wise it’s not as good as the French press but close. Definitely way better than store-brewed coffee.

That’s more than enough to make my day.