Disunited States: A Country Tearing Itself Apart

  • Whatever the result of the election in November is, it will not be accepted. The seeds of doubt concerning the election result has started to be sown right now including by Trump himself.
  • As a vast, massive country the impact of COVID19 is highly disporpotionate. For country rednecks who had never been to New York, the severity of the pandemic can be passed off as fake news.
  • Urban population are much more fragile and will be faced with exponentially more negative consequences. As such, they wouldn’t be able to mobilize politically. Rural population can always feed themselves, they are more robust in the face of economic downturn. It’s also easier for them to maintain social distancing.
  • A quick glance also reveal that blue states suffers more from COVID19. Thus, Republicans and Democrats experience starkly different realities. The huge disparity of on the ground experience is a ripe field for disinformation and mob mentality.
  • Armed protests will turn ugly. Civil War will happen, it’s just a matter of scale. At least a single black neighbourhood will be under siege.