Europe is Dying

Europe is Dying

I don’t usually remember what being said during teh tarik sessions. It’s more recreational than serious business anyway. But one conversation from did stick out in my mind.

It was with Dr. Ridhwan Fontaine, a lecturer from IIUM. He’s originally from the UK but somehow ended up here, married a local and staying here for good.

I didn’t specifically asked for it but he told me the reason why he left UK in particular and Europe in general. He said that Europe is dying. Some elaborations was given but I didn’t remember.

This is way before the Greece crisis and BREXIT so I was puzzled by his statement. At that time my wife still harbor some ambition to do Masters in UK. So Europe is still seen as somewhere to flourish.

Fast forward to 2019, only then I understand what he meant. Sometimes things just need time to surface.