First Impression of Ghost

First Impression of Ghost

Blogspot definitely show its age these days. Not much joy writing there anymore. It feels too ancient especially the themes.

First Impression of Ghost

WordPress feels too much like work as it’s more like an OS for the web. It can do anything and everything excepts be a streamlined place for writing. Heck, I make money out of WordPress services so I can’t quite let my hair loose writing on the platform.

Ghost is such a breath of fresh air with simple and clean interface that puts the writing experience first and foremost. Can’t believe it requires such a steep technical setup. Even with Digital Ocean 1-click setup it’s still quite a hassle.

Photo by Jordan Harrison / Unsplash

I actually wanted to try Ghost long ago using installer from cPanel. But somehow it’s such a pain especially with missing email functionality and inability to easily add users.

Using a whole droplet just for this blog definitely gives the speed but it’s such an overkill. Luckily have a lot of credit to burn courtesy of the HATCH program. Later will need to consolidate this blog and several other legacy clients into a single droplet.

Integration with Unsplash means beautiful pictures without leaving the editor. Definitely helps to stay in the flow. Such an improvement over my old workflow of crawling Flickr and Google Images.

The native app is a welcome feature allowing me to be fully engulfed in the writing workspace and not opening any other browser tab.

That’s it for now on the technical side.