First Time Making Vegetable Stock

Upcycling vegetable scraps.

First Time Making Vegetable Stock

For all my life I didn't think twice about throwing away vegetable scraps and peels. In my mind it just the way it should be. However, seeing that my dad is composting them for the past few years got me thinking there still some value to unlock in those 'waste'.

To be honest I just way too lazy to pick up a shovel to make the composting hole and what not. So the next best thing is to make vegetable stock.

I begin with allocating a dedicated ziplock bag to gather all the scraps. When the bag is full I put the content into the air fryer and grill them for 10 minutes. Again - too lazy to fire up the oven.

Then I just dump everything into boiling water and let it simmer. I think I did it for 30 minutes. Also dumped a head of onion with skin for good measure.

As a side note: Watching it on the stove really looks like boiling trash but the smell is good though.

Lastly I strained the scraps and use the stock to make a vegetable soup. I don't add any additional onions, garlic or shallots - just add salt.My daughters love it and even asked for more.

Next time I want to gather even more scraps, grill it longer and boil it more to get a deeper and richer flavor.