Foresight Methodology

Systemic Design Thinking

Many seek to deliver lasting change in the market for both commercial or social dimension. However it easy to be blinded by symptoms and forget to find the underlying cause.

In today’s complex world, information and knowledge is not enough to discern what’s important. Wisdom is required to understand interconnected systems that drive the market.

Multidimensional analysis is required to have the basic idea of what’s going on in the present. It covers the environment; social & geography, culture and time. Only then one is able to spot disruption well in advance to gain profit and avoid loss from the coming change.

Vision itself is not enough, one need bravery to accelerate change if it’s for the benefit of the society.

Thus we build two Systemic Design Thinking tool in order to aid in spotting disruption and accelerating change – Chaos Vortex and Change Crystal.

Chaos Vortex

For most people and organization, disruptive change seems to happen overnight – throwing them into chaos. The truth is, all disruption had similar pattern. Disruption occur at the intersection of decaying status quo and rising groundswell. The two forces collide due to entropy of time – making disruption inevitable if none of the factor was weakened or removed.

Chaos Vortex

Change Crystal

Massive change doesn’t just magically happen. There must be levers that had moved massive stumbling blocks for change. The good news is, levers can be built if we understand the mechanism. Moving from the status quo to the new ideal requires Resources, Community & Technology.

Change Crystal

The key is to figure out which of the three is the point of highest leverage at the given situation. Once one component is acquired, it’s easier to obtain the other two. Taking the concept even further, acquisition of each component can have it’s own Change Crystal. This will break down the challenge into smaller pieces making it easier to conquer.