From G1 to G602

Sticking to the same mouse series for so long from mother to son.

From G1 to G602

When I went back to my parents house, I was surprised to see this old Logitech G1 is still alive and kicking. Released in 2006, it was the first USB mouse we bought in the household. Back then there was no proper Logitech G gaming sub-brand.

My mother bought it and it survived multiple PCs. I guess since it was overengineered for gaming it wouldn't have any problem working more than a decade for office work.

Apparently Korean pro-gamers swear by this mouse well beyond it's original production run. It was widely used in cyber caf├ęs and they want something similar to what they used to.

I myself bought Logitech G602 after it wasn't widely available in stores as well since I was saving up money for this one. Was lucky to be able to grab one online for a cheaper price from a big retailer.

The mouse I used before switching to G602. It's a huge jump in capability and comfort.

I'm not a heavy gamer but the 6 programmable keys are really helpful in complex applications such as Final Cut Pro X. Although I do have the newer Logitech MX2, the wireless USB connection on this is more stable. Also I like the texture on this better.

Hopefully this G602 will last as long as the G1 did.