No Sparks, No Love

Not only lives are lost, love too.

No Sparks, No Love

The social distancing measure to curb the pandemic effectively killed so many spontaneous moments that could spark love.

No classes in school, just noisy video conferencing.

No lab work in universities, just theories.

No eating together at the cafeteria, just tepid take outs in a small room.

No bumping into the same person everyday at the LRT, just sit in front of laptop all day working from home.

No flirting with the waiter/waitress, just punching in order in the soulless apps.

Well, you get the idea. These are the small interactions that could lead to love and marriage. With so many sparks killed off, it's hard to ignite and sustain the fire of love.

Making things worse, social media had become so toxic as people pour out their anger and frustation everyday. Hardly a conducive environment to find the one to spend the rest of your life with.

This might sound whimsical but it have a deep and lasting consequence should this goes on beyond 3 years. For countries that already facing low birth rate, this is no laughing matter. Compounded with the reported effect of COVID on fertility, this double whammy could potentially sets a major demographic shift.