July 2, 2019

Prisoners of Geography

Prisoners of Geography
Prisoners of Geography

Just finished reading this book by Tim Marshall on Saturday so here’s a quick review.

The idea is simple, geography as the ‘forgotten factor’ to the success or failure of nations. It is not the factor but simply the one that’s routinely overlooked. Also how geography affect world politics.

Some people might not be comfortable with the ideas in this book. Especially those who put too much emphasis on sheer human will and ingenuity. In other words, our own success also depends on the choices made by our forefathers in settling places.

Those who play Civ6 could readily see the facts in action as the terrain gives bonuses or penalties for military power, science, commerce, religion, etc.

Maybe the book seems to oversimplify things a bit as it give a sweeping global overview. The details might not be as accurate but it still gives something substantial to think about. You will not see the world the same way after reading this book.

Overall, it’s quite an easy read yet still thought-provoking.