We are all looking for some shade.


The street just outside my housing area are lined with mature trees on both sides forming a natural tunnel. As such, it's never too hot there.

Recently I noticed several cars parked along the street during the day. They seems to be taking a break in their car. Most probably they are e-hailing drivers between jobs.

There's no place for them to take a break as restaurants and mosques are closed. Petrol stations parking stations on the other hand tend to be without shade so it's hard to take a nap comfortably. Thus, a shaded street is the next best thing they get.

On the same note, restaurant can open up to 10pm starting today. It might seems a small thing but a huge respite to many for both the industry and customer. I personally feel relieved as we don't have to rush to order food or suddenly found ourselves without dinner after a long day.