Review of Milo Almond Milk & Nescafé Oat Latte

Checking out Nestlé dairy-free options.

Review of Milo Almond Milk & Nescafé Oat Latte

As a lactose-intolerant person, my choice of drinks feels limited when it come to convenience store staples. Almost all coffee in can have milk and it's very rare to see black coffee sold. It's a good thing I guess but sometimes you just want something 'special' yet affordable and convenient.

Thus I was excited to see Nestlé putting out dairy-free version of Milo and Nescafé to the mass market. At RM3.90 each it's not too expensive unlike those sold at premium grocers.

First off was the Almond Milk Milo which taste like a very thin mixture of ground almond in sugary water added with Milo. There's not much of the creaminess of almond, just the bitter outer bits of the nut.

The Nescafé Oat Latte is better but not by much. The first taste that hits you are still the sugary water. Slightly creamier than the Almond Milk Milo but it still feels empty. I for one don't feel any caffeine kick from the supposed blend of Robusta & Arabica beans.

In conclusion, it's a good thing that dairy-free segment is catered for but this feels like a very rough product despite the slick packaging. As for now I'll stick to soy-based chocolate or coffee drinks when I feel the urge to indulge at convenience stores.