Secret Strawberry Shop in Cameron Highlands

Secret Strawberry Shop in Cameron Highlands

Obviously it’s no more a secret once I published this blog post but this shop is still rather hidden.

The biggest frustration with buying strawberries from Cameron Highlands is it tends to get sour once you reach the low lands. Some attributes it to the higher temperature. But I think the truth is the strawberries are not very good to begin with.

My brother-in-law worked in Cameron Highlands since last year so he get to know where the locals buy their strawberries. It’s rather away from the usual tourist areas but these strawberries are claimed to be of Japanese export quality. It’s naturally sweet and flavorful – no sugar dipping shenanigans here.

Look for the shop with green shutters
The shop looks more like a warehouse rather than the usual souvenir shop

The shop is located in the Tringkap neighborhood on the way down from Tanah Rata to Simpang Pulai. The landmark is Nur Iman Restaurant which in turn is next to Pondok Polis Tringkap.

This sells for RM12 per pack. A lower grade pack sells for RM8 but still super nice.

My brother-in-law had bought these several times and the taste remains excellent year round. So we can really vouch for the quality of this strawberries.

May this info made your Cameron Highlands trip even sweeter.