Some Predictions on Some Countries

This is what comes to my mind regarding certain countries in the night of 22nd March 2020 during first week of Movement Control Order (MCO) due to COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s mostly based on intuition and news coverage rather than deep reading or what not. I wrote it down in my notebook due to my blog being in the midst of relocation and just got to post it now.

United Kingdom (UK)KO (Knocked Out). Suffers devastating blow. Double whammy with BREXIT. Food scurity issues due to bad situation in Italy, Spain & France.
EuropeMostly KO. Germany survives and be de facto king of Europe.
United States (US)Probably survives but many will die especially from lower strata.
Cons: No real National Healthcare infra.
Pros: Vast land can sustain population.
India & IndonesiaMostly KO. Vast democracy with challenging geography can’t possibly mobilize effectively. Indonesia underreporting.
ChinaShould be fine. Have strong manufacturing base and resources. Iron grip.
Australia & New Zealand (NZ)Mostly OK. Expect the world elite take refuge here. Vast land & resources.
Russia(Wild Card) Not deeply integrated so less chance of infection but probably don’t have infra to contain outbreak.