Startup Styles Cheat Sheet

Startup Styles Cheat Sheet
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After years of interviewing startups on The Dredger TV and lots of reading, here’s my summary of the three major startup styles.

Know your poison, pick your poison.

Rework (Jason Fried)Lost & Founder (Rand Fishkin)Zero to One (Peter Thiel)
Artisanal SaaS – Intentionally smallEnterprise SoftwareHyperscale Platform – Requires rapid growth
No VCVC Backed – Not OptimisticVC Backed – Highly Optimistic
Not Selling – No Pressure to ExitFaster Exit BetterNever Sell When You Can Get Bigger
Flat Organization – Full Remote Work PossibleRequires C-Suite to Function. Office in Major City.Global Footprint. Prominent Founder.
Work CalmlyCorporateCult
LLC / LLPPrivate Limited going to Public ListedPublic Listed
Simple Product – Simple PricingMultiple Product OfferingMultisided Platform
Profitable from Year 1Modest Profit After Achieving A Certain ScaleGo Big or Go Home. Profit Only Possible by Market Monopoly