The Best UI Mockup App

I’ve tried using FluidUI and Mockflow to design apps. Both worked well and easy to use.

However both requires subscription and the price is a bit too steep. Mockflow starts at USD29 for a small team of three. At that price it’s almost the same price as my broadband connection.

So I called up my partner-in-crime for recommendation. Surprisingly he suggested Google Slides so I decided to give it a spin. Digging up my Dropbox, I still have UI elements library from Keynotopia. Then I just upload it to Google Drive and copied elements that I wanted it into my new design.

First few steps is a bit daunting as Google Slides didn’t behave exactly like Keynote or Power Point when it comes to managing graphic elements. In 15 minutes or so I got the hang of it and designing the app is rather smooth after that.

Of course some features are missing like link overview between screens or smartphone preview mode but the important collaboration features are there. It will be good enough for us for now and saved us a fair bit of money before the app is live and starts to generate revenue.