To Not Care List

Another list for peace of mind.

To Not Care List

The twin sister of To Don't List is the To Not Care List. Seriously, you'll need this to maintain your sanity.

Social media made activism accessible and widespread which can be a great thing. Many injustices were righted and those in need were saved with the help of social media campaign.

However, a non-stop torrent of things to care about will just fry your brain and heart. You just can't take it.

Although many miracles came out of quick online action there's still a lot of causes in this world that simply needs years or decades to have any meaningful impact. Caring for such causes at the same pace of caring for simple fundraisers will crush your spirit and take a toll on your mental health.

Taking a wider view, usually such important causes already have organizations actively working on it. Living as part of a society means that we get to distribute our tasks so don't burden it all on your shoulder.

Your to care list will probably be way shorter than to not care list and that's okay. It's just the nature of the world we live in.