Unifi 30mbps vs Digi Unlimited LTE

Digi Unlimited LTE
Unifi 30mbps Unlimited 

At a glance, the download and upload speed is very similar. But as the say, the devil is in the details.

Obvious thing is the ping, which is 4 times higher on the Digi line compared to UniFi. So that’s not ideal already, since the lag is bad. But it should not matter much to me since I don’t play online games. Streaming should work fine.

However, digging down on the detailed result exposed a high jitter value for Digi. At 13ms, it is ~40 times higher than Unifi at 0.34ms. High jitter means that the packet arrived all jumbled up and the flow is not very smooth. It’s very apparent when you are streaming on TV. Worse, I have three pre-school audiences who had not quite learned the virtue of patience.

Of course the Digi line faced several handicap here being at the mercy of various interferences. In fact, I’m just getting 60% signal strength at home. That is despite an external antenna mounted at the top floor window.

It’s very good choice if your area only have Streamyx service and no Unifi. You still get fast speed to move files around. It’s truly unlimited and no throttling ever occurred despite consistently burning though 150GB data each month. It was such a lifesaver when I was renting at a prior location which only have Streamyx.

But now at a new rental location I have option for Unifi and it’s only RM89 for unlimited plan. It’s almost half the price from Digi’s RM159 per month. The difference can cover the cost of Netflix and Apple Music.

So goodbye Digi, it’s been a pleasant experience being your customer. The termination process was easy and painless. Just go to Digi store and sign on their tablet. Remaining bills can be settled later.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Digi Unlimited if your area don’t have Unifi or any other fiber optic option. It works as advertised and it performed consistently throughout my usage for the past 1 year.