We Need 4 Days Work Week After COVID Ends

A suggestion for post-pandemic recovery.

Recently my friends dicussed about how 4 Days Work Week are proven to be as productive if not more than the traditional 5 Days Work Week. One of us chimed in if that's the case it will be a boon for tourism sector.

At the very least, make every Friday a Work From Home day so people have the flexibility to move around. They can work from a resort or their hometown. Surely there's a lot of catching up need to be done after COVID.

People probably will not be in the mood to work their ass off after years being confined in their homes. Think of the extra weekend as 'revenge' weekend to made up for all the lost ones during the pandemic.

As a plus, more relaxed time also helps with 're-productivity'. Number of marriage and births plummets during the pandemic this is another area that countries around the world needs to catch up as well.