You Always Pay More Than What You Eat

A plague of the modern world.

You Always Pay More Than What You Eat

Everytime we buy a meal at a restaurant, we also buy a portion of another meal that went to the trash. In order to meet demand spikes during operation hours, restaurants usually cook more than required.

After all, they can't know precisely how many meals will be sold that day.They can try to forecast but it will always lag behind.

As a consequence, some food will go bad and went to the trash. The cost is embedded in the price of the food bought by customers.

The same thing also happen at home, despite knowing exactly the number of people in the house we still have spoiled vegetables, fruits and meat. So our single meal also cost the actual material that goes inside and those that went to the trash.

Food waste feels so frustrating because of the immense effort in producing them. It also feels especially bad when it comes to meat as they gave their life tu sustain us but we disrespect it.